Doctors Warn Against Eating Your Christmas Tree

Photo: Getty Images

If you've been outside lately, you've probably seen some Christmas trees curbside as people dispose of them now that the holidays have passed, but a few folks do something else with their tree - they eat it.

Most of the people who find the Yuletide evergreen appetizing aren't having it for dinner, rather they are making teas with it or turning it to seasoning, and while some trees are indeed edible, doing this isn't necessarily safe. In fact, some doctors are warning against it.

Dr. Karla Robinson told WCNC, "You don't know in many cases where your tree came from - you don't know if it was treated with any pesticides or chemicals that could potentially harm you if ingested." There are other concerns too. She explained, "Some trees that we know are harmful are trees like cypress trees, cedar trees, so if those are the types of trees you use, you don't want to eat those. The needles are very sharp, so if you think about putting something in your mouth, even swallowing it, and it gets in your esophagus and your stomach, it can cause mucous membrane damage." 

If you aren't interested in consuming your tree, per the National Christmas Tree Association, the best way to dispose of it is by bringing it to a recycling center with a mulching program or, if your town allows it, using curbside recycling.

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