San Antonio Zoo Kicks Off the New Year With Special Birth

Photo: San Antonio Zoo

San Antonio Zoo has announced the birth of a critically endangered White-Cheeked Gibbon. Gibbons form long-term monogamous relationships and often stay together for life. The new resident can be seen near the front of the zoo in the Asian Forest area.

“Happy New Year,” said Tim Morrow, President & CEO of San Antonio Zoo. “This little addition plays a big role in conserving this incredible species. I encourage everyone to stop by and visit the new parents and baby and give them a WOOP – you might get one back!”

Gibbons spend the majority of their life in the trees. This acrobatic animal can travel up to 35 miles an hour, swinging up to 50 feet in a single leap. Gibbons have loud, musical voices and often sing complex, unique songs with their families led by the females. Habitat loss due to human conflict is the primary threat to the species.

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