Man Took Boy From Mother's Shopping Cart, Put Him In His Own Cart: Cops

Photo: Attalla Police Department

Authorities in Alabama are searching for a man who seemingly tried to abduct a child from a grocery store. The Attalla Police Department said that the man grabbed a young boy from a woman's cart and put him in his own cart.

The mother quickly retrieved her child, and the man left the store.

"We go to leave and this man's in front of us turns around claps his hands for Mason to come to him grabs my son out my buggy tells him their going to his truck and puts him in his buggy and tries rushing off," the child's mother, Tiffany Gail, wrote on Facebook.

Investigators reviewed several hours of surveillance camera footage and identified the man as a commercial truck driver. They also learned the name of the Illinois-based trucking company he works for.

The department said they are working with other state agencies to locate the suspect for an interview.

The agency also shared two photos of the man on Facebook and asked anybody who may know him to contact their office at (256) 538-7837.

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