Escaped 12-Foot Python Found Under Parked Car In Texas Neighborhood

Photo: Cibolo Police Department

A large python was returned home to its owner after escaping its locked enclosure. KSAT reported that the 12-foot snake was found hiding under a parked car in Texas.

Animal Services were called to the city of Cibolo, which is just outside of San Antonio. Someone was walking their dog and saw the python hiding underneath a vehicle.

The department posted a picture of the officers holding the snake on Facebook to search for its owners. Just a few short hours later, the department posted that they had found the snakes's owner.

The snake's owner, Leah Garcia, told KSAT that she was grateful to have her pet snake back home. The python is six years old and named Shadow.

Garcia suspects someone may have tried to steal the snake. She wrote on Facebook, "She was on my back porch in her LOCKED enclosure. When I came out to tend to her, the lock was on the ground in front of her enclosure and her sliding door was open just a tiny bit & she was gone."

According to Garcia, Shadow is "baby tamed" and loves people. Garcia said, "I want to thank all the officers and Cibolo PD for making sure my baby was safe and wasn't harmed."

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