Parents Tased, Arrested Trying To Enter Locked Down Elementary School

Taser Gun

Photo: Getty Images

Three parents were arrested after a confrontation with police outside of Thompson Ranch Elementary School in El Mirage, Arizona. The school had been put in lockdown after reports of somebody trying to enter the school with a gun.

As word of the lockdown spread through the community, several parents showed up at the school and tried to go inside. The officers refused to let them enter, and the situation escalated. Officers used a stun gun to subdue two of the parents. As a result of being tased, one of the parents had to be taken to the hospital.

Officials said that three parents were arrested and will be charged for attempting to enter the school while it was on lockdown. One of the parents was armed with a handgun and will face additional charges for having a weapon on campus.

Authorities eventually located the suspect who tried to enter the school and took him into custody. They have not released his identity and said he is undergoing a mental health evaluation. It is unclear what charges he is facing.

While many residents were upset at how officers treated the parents who tried to enter the school, school officials defended their actions.

"It is important to remind our community that anytime a lockdown is in place, nobody can enter or leave the campus," Renee Ryon, a spokesperson for Dysart Unified School District, said. "This is done in partnership with law enforcement so they can clear each and every part of campus to ensure the safety of all students and staff."

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