Car With 6 Speakers Mounted On Roof Caused Noise Complaints In 3 Towns

Business man covering his ears.

Photo: Getty Images

A car with six speakers mounted on top of its roof was playing music so loud that it caused noise complaints in three different Massachusetts towns early Monday (August 8) morning.

Marc A. Lassalle, of Manchester, New Hampshire, was charged with disturbing the peace, according to Wilmington Police Department records obtained by

Photos shared by the department show a custom yellow Honda with a half-dozen speakers affixed to its roof. The vehicle, which has a New Hampshire license plate that reads "STATICK," was blaring music at around 1:30 a.m..

Wilmington Police received several reports from local residents, as did officers in the neighboring towns of Reading and Woburn.

Officers responded to the area of Woburn Street and Eames Street and found Lassalle inside the vehicle with six "full sized" speakers on top of its roof, according to police records.

Wilmington Police said the incident is the latest of several recent occurrences in which vehicles parked in a local industrial park were caught blasting music at "extremely high volumes."

The department said its working alongside other local communities in an effort to stop the issue.

Lasalle appeared in Woburn District Court on Monday in relation to the disturbing the peace charge, according to

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