'Grease' Actor Eddie Deezen Not Competent To Stand Trial

Photo: Allegany County Sheriff Department

Actor Eddie Deezen, who played Eugene Felsnic in Grease and Malvin in WarGames, has been found to be incompetent to stand trial in relation to accusations that he attempted to force his way into a Maryland nursing home.

A commitment order obtained by TMZ states that Deezen was unable to stand trial due to a mental disorder and has instead been transferred to the Maryland Department of Health to receive treatment.

Deezen was deemed as a danger to himself and others around him, which led to the ruling of a mandatory stay within the department's care until the court can prove otherwise, the document confirmed.

In April, TMZ reported that Deezen was charged with fourth-degree burglary, two counts of trespassing and one count of disturbing the peace, according to Maryland State Police.

The department said Deezen pushed his way into the privately-owned facility on April 8 and ignored a woman's demand to leave the building, TMZ reports.

The woman told responding officers that Deezen nearly forced his way into one of the rooms at the facility before being kicked out of the building, but refused to leave the premises.

Maryland State Police said Deezen was at the building hours prior to the incident and told to leave at the time before attempting to force his way back inside later that night.

The female victim told officers that Deezen had been to the facility several times prior to his arrest and has left notes at the scene during most incidents.

A neighbor who lives several houses away from the scene of the incident said his security camera showed Deezen approaching his property on the night of his arrest.

The man said he was watching television with his fiancée and heard noise coming from outside. He said he saw Deezen attempt to open the front door and called the police.

Deezen was involved in a strange incident in 2021 in which he was accused of harassing a waitress over her eyelashes in 2021, to which he her of cyberbullying him after the allegations.

The actor was also arrested at a Maryland restaurant in 2021 after refusing to leave and throwing plates at responding police officers.

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