San Antonio Lands XFL Team

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San Antonio has landed an XFL team. The football league announced three new cities are joining the league. In addition to San Antonio, Las Vegas and Orlando are being added. The teams take the place of New York, Los Angeles and Tampa Bay, which were the clubs with the lowest attendance during the 2020 season. In total, the XFL has eight teams with the rest coming from Houston, St. Louis, Seattle, Washington DC and Arlington.

"We've had a clear vision for the XFL – the values to instill, the diversity of our leaders, the innovation of the game and how we want to deeply engage with our communities so they can help bring this vision to life. Today, our league takes another step closer to 2023 kickoff as we officially announce where our teams will play," said Dany Garcia, Chairwoman and Owner. "What brings a league to life is the passion of the fandom behind it. In each of these cities we will co-create with our fans and build these teams from the ground up so that they represent the unique fabric of our communities. We welcome all football fans to join us as we get ready for kickoff in February."

"As Dany, Gerry Cardinale and I put pen to paper rebuilding this league, the first thing we identified as one of the most important elements for the XFL to be successful was selecting the iconic cities and venues for our teams," said Dwayne Johnson, XFL Owner. "For each community to join in the rally cries of their chosen team, to support and lift up these players and their families who would be representing each city…THEIR city…we needed to make sure we were including the most important voices in the room - the fans - when making these decisions. We have been working on cool, new logos and innovative uniforms, that match the dynamic and innovative vision of our league. We can't wait to share in the electrifying excitement from fans once they meet their new 'hometown team'. We'll see you at kickoff."

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