New Zealand Mother Names Kids Metallica, Slayer, Pantera

A New Zealand mother has named her three children for heavy metal bands. New Zealand journalist and documentary filmmaker David Farrier discovered last year the woman's children are named Metallica, Slayer, and Pantera. Farrier said he was suspicious at first but he's seen the birth certificates and those really are the kids' names. Farrier then checked with New Zealand's registrar-general, Jeff Montgomery, who confirmed that the birth had been registered and that there were no barriers to such a name being given. "There are no restrictions on naming babies after bands or albums," said Montgomery, "as long as the word used is not generally considered to be offensive or does not resemble an official rank or title."

Farrier says the mother, who remains anonymous, told him, "It's not easy raising three of the heaviest bands."

Silhouette of heavy metal horn sign hand gesture

Photo: Getty Images

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