Texas Leaders React To Russia Invading Ukraine

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The day that world leaders had tried to avoid is now here as Russian forces are invading neighboring Ukraine.

"America stands with Ukraine, and we will do everything we can to help them defend themselves against the Russian Federation,” said U.S.Senator John Cornyn of Texas. “The United States has played no part in creating this crisis, but we have a responsibility to support the Ukrainian people as they fight to defend their own sovereignty.”

“Putin has tried to get away with as much as he can, and it would be naive to think that he will stop at Ukraine. Ukraine is on the front line of a crisis, but the security of Europe is also in question," said Cornyn. "This is not just about Ukraine. This is not just about Europe. This is about America’s credibility and that of our friends and allies around the world and our willingness to stand up for our values and defend our freedoms. If the U.S. fails to support Ukraine, other authoritarian movements like those in China and Iran will take note.”

"Praying for the millions of Ukrainians who are facing Putin's unprovoked aggression & this existential threat," said U.S. Senator Ted Cruz of Texas. "Ukraine has America's steadfast support & we will continue to arm them so they can defend their country. Those involved in this should know they'll be held accountable."

The top Republican on the House Foreign Affairs Committee says it's time for the U.S. to wield a "big stick" against Russia for invading Ukraine. Texan Michael McCaul called Russia's assault on Ukraine a worst-case scenario. He said major, painful sanctions need to be imposed by the U.S. McCaul criticized President Biden for "not providing enough deterrence" before the invasion.

Former President George W. Bush says Russia's invasion of Ukraine is "unprovoked and unjustified." In a statement, the former commander-in-chief said Russia's actions mark "the gravest security crisis" in Europe since World War Two. He insisted America must unite behind the people of Ukraine. Bush called Ukraine "our friend and democratic ally."

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