Putin Tells World Parts Of Eastern Ukraine Belong To "Ancient" Russia


Photo: Getty Images

The world is watching and waiting as Russia seems to be primed for a possible invasion of Ukraine. Today, Russian President Vladimir Putin announced parts of Eastern Ukraine belong to "ancient" Russia. The U.S. fears this announcement could be the signaling of an invasion. Putin added these areas of Ukraine are now "independent." The parts of eastern Ukraine Putin is referring to are currently controlled by Russian separatists. Reports say European leaders are scrambling to come up with a unified response at this time. There are nearly 200,000 Russian troops ready to invade Ukraine at any moment.

The President of Ukraine spoke with President Biden. That's according to a tweet from President Zelensky, who said he discussed recent events regarding a possible Russian invasion with Biden as the National Security and Defense Council meeting begins. Zelensky also wrote that he has a conversation planned with the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

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