Abbott Holds Roundtable On Fentanyl Crisis

Photo: Texas Governor's Office

Texas Governor Greg Abbott is touting his border strategy during a discussion on fentanyl in North Texas. Abbott told reporters today the drug is the leading cause of death among those between the ages of 18 and 45 more than COVID, cancer, or car wrecks. The Republican also says Texas just wants to protect people from getting access to the drug which is why thousands of state troopers are on the Mexican border. He also defended the construction of the border wall saying fentanyl is infiltrating schools and families.

"Because of President Biden's open border policies, deadly drugs like fentanyl are flooding our streets and killing hundreds of thousands of innocent people," said Governor Abbott. "But this crisis isn't unique to Texas—it's a crisis plaguing our entire country. Communities from coast to coast are mired in this tragedy and we must take action. The families joining me today are helping us put a face to the stark statistics surrounding the fentanyl crisis, and I am grateful to them for sharing their stories to shed light on this horrific tragedy. The State of Texas is committed to working with them and our law enforcement partners to address this crisis and stop the flow of drugs coming into our country in the wake of the Biden Administration's continued inaction."

Abbott also accused Congress of "being an accomplice" in the fentanyl smuggling if they cut funding for the Border Patrol.

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