Texans Put Love On Their Bumper

Photo: My Plates

February is known for being the month of love and with Valentine’s Day just around the corner, many Texans are rushing around placing their last-minute orders for flowers and chocolates for that special person in their lives. Some Texans on the other hand are turning to expressing their love on their bumper and making a more personal statement for all to see.

In fact, the “heart” is the most beloved Texas symbol chosen when ordering personalized plates from My Plates, the official vendor for Texas license plates.

Over the last year, 6,721 Texans entered a long-term relationship with the Heart, making it Texas’ favorite symbol! In second spot was the Texas Silhouette with 5,844 orders and coming in third was the Star, recording 3,363 orders. There are five symbols/special characters available in Texas, with the Dash and the Period rounding out the selection.

The way Texans showed their hearts on their bumpers, instead of their sleeves, varied in many ways. They declared soulmates, adored family and pets, showed a deep bond with their cars, were head-over-heels for their sport or college, loved their horses, life, state, country, faith and even had a deep crush on their hunting. 

 If you want to make a love connection, the heart symbol (and other four special characters) is allowed on all Texas personalized license plates and will take up one full character space. Later this month, My Plates will also be releasing the “Love Heart” license plate, featuring a red heart on a black background designed plate.

My Plates designs and markets new specialty license plates as a vendor for the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles. Texans have purchased more than 580,000 My Plates since November 2009, contributing more than $120 million to the Texas General Revenue Fund. My Plates’ goal is to create a long-term, mutually beneficial relationship designed to maximize revenues for the state through the sale of My Plates specialty plates. Learn more at MyPlates.com.

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