Jon Wayne Service Company & Operation TRIAGE Provide Veteran New Home

A local Vietnam Veteran now has a mortgage-free, custom-built home, thanks to Jon Wayne Service Company and Operation TRIAGE.

76-year-old Jesse Herrera is a combat veteran that served in Vietnam from February 1965 – February 1969 and was wounded twice in action (gunshot and shrapnel wound). Like many veterans returning home from Vietnam, Jesse faced a constant daily struggle trying to return to civilian life and it took many years of treatment and therapy to find his new normal.

In 2007 Jesse moved back to his childhood home to care for his ailing mother who then passed away in 2015. Operation TRIAGE got involved with Jesse at that time and through a lot of legal work was finally able to get the property in Jesse’s name. Now, with the help of Jon Wayne Service Company, suppliers and donors and the community, Herrera and his daughter Brianna were handed the keys to their new home this week, sitting where his childhood home once stood.

About Operation Triage:

Operation TRIAGE's mission is to provide emergency advocacy and financial relief, mortgage free homes, and home remodeling/ renovations to disabled veterans, first responders, and active-duty service members with a focus to get their lives back on track and become productive members of their communities as a non-partisan/non-profit 501(c)(3) organization.

Operation TRIAGE believes by removing any emergency financial and other burdens from these heroes we may help turn the tide of suicide and promote Family balance.

Operation TRIAGE was created out of need for determining quick solutions to issues facing Active Service, Veterans & First Responders who have been Injured, Ill and are in need, and their Families.

Operation TRIAGE partners with corporate sponsors, builder associations, builders, developers, individual contributors, and volunteers to help these heroes and their families succeed in their challenging new world so they may ultimately enjoy a productive and rewarding life.

Operation TRIAGE works with other Veteran Service Organizations (VSO’s) to help identify and expedite assistance for shelter needs and mobility. In addition to VSO’s Operation TRIAGE works with professional organizations and associations to inform, identify, and expedite appropriate solutions to these needs.

Operation TRIAGE also works to advise and enhance current assistance, such as insurance damage claims, to assure coverage includes the latest building & local code requirements, current and future needs of the occupants and coordinating with local trades and volunteers to maximize the project effectiveness and ability for the Family to feel comfort and secure.

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