Allen West "Livid" Over Wife's Arrest, Denies She Was Drinking

Photo: Getty Images

Texas gubernatorial candidate Allen West is blasting the Dallas Police Department after his wife was arrested last night on suspicion of DWI. Angela West was booked into jail overnight and released Saturday afternoon.

West posted a video on Twitter saying he was at a dinner in Waco with Ted Nugent when he learned of his wife's arrest. His grandson was reportedly in the car with his wife at the time. The former Texas Republican Party chairman said his wife had not been drinking alcohol and said he had a receipt from the restaurant she had just left showing she only had water and lemonade.

West also voiced outrage this his young grandson was left with two police officers while his wife was taken to jail, saying, "we are releasing violent criminals in Texas but arresting grandmas?" He demanded answers from the Dallas Police Department.

After posting a video early Saturday morning, West later posted on Twitter that his wife had been released from jail saying, "we thank you for the many messages with support and prayers."

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