Loop 1604 North Expansion Officially Begins

A massive project to expand Loop 1604 from from SH-16 (Bandera Rd.) to I-35 North has begun. The project calls for increasing the Loop to ten lanes once construction is completed.

The Loop 1604 North corridor has been identified as one of the most congested corridors in Texas by the Texas A&M Transportation Institute, over 150,000 drivers travel this road each day and that number is expected to nearly double by 2040.

Currently, Loop 1604 North has just two lanes in each direction. The plan is to add two additional lanes and an HOV lane in both directions.

The project includes the following improvements:

  • Expanding Loop 1604 from a four-lane expressway to ten-lane expressway with the addition of two general purpose lanes in each direction.
  • Adding one high-occupancy vehicle lane in each direction.
  • Reconfiguring the layout of auxiliary lanes and entrance and exit ramps.
  • Removing the cloverleaf connectors.Replacing the cloverleaf interchange at IH 10/LP 1604 with a five-level direct connect interchange
  • Adding direct connectors.
  • Replacing the signalized frontage road intersections with a continuous flow configuration.Upgrading Blanco Road and LP 1604 to an innovative intersection
  •  Accommodations for bicyclists and pedestrians, water quality protection, and other highway features.
  • All improvements are located within the existing right of way and easements.

Project Segments (download map)

  • Segment 1: Loop 1604 from SH 16 (Bandera Rd.) to I-10 (download map)
    • Letting Date: April 2021
    • Anticipated Start: May 2021
    • Anticipated Completion: 2024
    • Estimated Cost: $148 million
  • Segment 2:Loop 1604 and I-10 Interchange (download map)
    • Anticipated Letting Date: Fall 2021
    • Anticipated Start: 2022
    • Anticipated Completion: 2027
    • Estimated Cost: $291 million
  • Segment 3:Loop 1604 from I-10 to US 281 (download map)
    • Anticipated Letting Date: June 2021
    • Anticipated Start: Late Summer 2021
    • Anticipated Completion: 2025
    • Estimated Cost: $234 million
  • Segment 4:Loop 1604 from US 281 to Redland(unfunded) (download map)
    • Anticipated Letting Date: 2025
    • Anticipated Start: TBD
    • Anticipated Completion: TBD
    • Estimated Cost: $130 million
  • Segment 5: Loop 1604 from Redland to I-35(unfunded) (download map)
    • Anticipated Letting Date: TBD
    • Anticipated Start: TBD
    • Anticipated Completion: TBD
    • Estimated Cost: $265 million

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