Texas GOP Chairman Allen West Announces Resignation

The chairman of the Republican Party of Texas, Lt. Col. Allen West, is resigning from his position. He will remain at the helm of the Texas GOP until a new chairman can be selected in July. West expressed his gratitude saying it was an honor to serve as chairman. He has been one of the main supporters of the recent Constitutional carry, heartbeat bill and election integrity bills in the Texas Legislature this year. West was elected to the position in July of last year.

The head of the Travis County Republican Party is blasting West. Matt Mackowiak tweeted this morning he believes West was only interested in his own political future, instead of helping build the state party. Mackowiak also says the Texas GOP is in a weak financial position and its field effort has been decimated. 

He claimed West was "doing the rhetorical work of Texas Democrats" in his criticism of Texas Governor Greg Abbott. West announced his resignation today effective July 11th after just eleven months on the job. It's rumored he may run mount a Republican primary challenge to Abbott next year.

Photo: Getty Images

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