San Antonio Zoo & SAWS Partner To Turn Pipe Vents Into Art

San Antonio Zoo and San Antonio Water System are unveiling a new and unique look on five recycled water system vent pipes along Tuleta Drive. Recent improvements along the road include Will Smith Zoo School, a new San Antonio Zoo parking garage, animal-themed VIA bus stops, and a large increase of native trees and landscaping. It seemed only natural to add some zoo fun to the pipes.

Earlier this year, SAWS crews put a new coat on the traditionally yellow and purple pipe vents. This month, the zoo’s Maintenance Projects Team added final touches in creating animal patterns on the pipes which included giraffe, jaguar, zebra, snake, and elephant prints created by the zoo’s graphics team.

“The custom animal prints for these pipes were designed in partnership with SAWS to create a unique experience for visitors,” President & CEO San Antonio Zoo, Tim Morrow said. “Tuleta Drive has been truly transformed in recent years creating a much more welcoming arrival experience to the zoo and Brackenridge Park. There is definitely a feeling of fun and excitement as you enter this area.”

SAWS’ purple pipes can provide up to 29 million recycled gallons of water per day to businesses for irrigation, including nearby Animal Defense League and Brackenridge Park.

“We are happy to partner with our neighbor on this beautification project,” said Robert R. Puente, President/CEO of SAWS. “It highlights our national-leading water recycling efforts that save valuable Edwards Aquifer drinking water for the future.”

The five themed pipes can be found between the entrance to the zoo and the corner of Tuleta and Stadium Drive. In 2018, the zoo also worked with VIA to add fun and colorful animal elements to bus stops surrounding the zoo.

Photos: San Antonio Zoo

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