Indicted Austin Police Officer Out On Bond Following Murder Indictment

An Austin police officer is out on bond following his indictment for murder. 

Christopher Taylor was released early this morning from the Travis County Jail about half an hour after turning himself in. 

A grand jury charged him with murder yesterday in connection with last April's deadly shooting of Mike Ramos. Ramos was shot in parking lot while trying to drive away from officers. 

Travis County District Attorney Jose Garza says it's important to hold law enforcement accountable and calls the indictment a significant step in getting justice for Ramos' family.

Meanwhile, the Austin Police Association is decrying the murder indictment. Union President Ken Casaday says Officer Taylor is an innocent man because he was trying to protect fellow cops. Casaday believes the indictment was politically motivated saying Travis County DA Garza focused his campaign on the Ramos shooting without looking at evidence. 

He's confident Taylor will be acquitted at trial.

Photo: Getty Images

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