Plans Unveiled for Lone Star District

Houston-based Midway and GrayStreet Partners have announced plans to transform the former Lone Star Brewery site into San Antonio’s newest up-and-coming lifestyle destination—Lone Star District.

Complementing its unique setting in the heart of the local arts scene, amidst historic neighborhoods, unique landmarks and walkable public spaces, the project’s 32 acres of carefully designed, multi-phase, mixed-use development will revitalize the site into an authentic community gathering space, welcoming a wide variety of tenants, local residents, workers and visitors of all ages and diverse cultures.

“Lone Star District will enhance the eclectic nature of its surroundings. The project’s scale, density, sensibility and aesthetic have been meticulously planned to respect its context and ensure authenticity,” said Jonathan Brinsden, Midway’s Chief Executive Officer. “From reimagining existing spaces to groundup development, Midway has strived to create balance in each of its projects for over 50 years. By envisioning the needs of the community, our investors, tenants, residents, team members and guests, we deliver projects of distinction, aesthetic relevance and enduring value.”

“Sharing the community’s cherished memories and longstanding ties to the former Lone Star Brewery and the historic Lone Star Buckhorn Saloon and Museums, we’re thrilled to honor the site’s historic legacy, the neighborhood, and the people who have come before us, while also embracing change and generating excitement for what comes next,” said Kevin Covey, Managing Partner of GrayStreet Partners. “Lone Star District will amplify what is best and irreplaceable about San Antonio: cuisine, history, arts and culture.”

The first phase of Lone Star District is a 12-acre mixed-use project located directly south of Lone Star Boulevard. Centered on the site’s historic core, Phase One will feature a curated mix of residential, office, retail, restaurants, bars and entertainment venues. Renovated historical buildings will remain alongside new construction to create an environment that is unique and differentiated from other local offerings. The walkable environment will encourage an active, al-fresco lifestyle with Southwestern-style open-air plazas, pocket parks and dynamic outdoor programming. Thoughtfully designed with multiple points of entry, Lone Star District will also provide greater connectivity for pedestrians and bikers to surrounding neighborhoods.

“Inspired by local context, history, natural amenities and the city’s energy, Lone Star District will be unique and differentiated from other local offerings,” said Don Quigley, Vice President of Investments and Development for Midway. “By embracing and expanding the existing Southtown Arts District programming, Lone Star District will redefine the conventional mixed-use environment and deliver an experience rich of culture and vibrancy, complete with desirable retail options, an array of events, entertainment and dining choices.”

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