Judge Wolff Urges Governor To Change State's Power System

Judge Nelson Wolff has sent a letter to Governor Greg Abbott in which he says that both CPS Energy and the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) are to blame for the failure of our electricity during this winter storm.

He said that the City of San Antonio will investigate the shortcomings of CPS Energy and expects the state legislature to look into ERCOT's failures during this weather crisis.

"We find ourselves in a situation that puts profits first for utilities and reliability second," said Wolff. "This will not be our last freezing weather event."

Wolff urged the governor to go back to a regulated integrated power system. "If there is not the political will to make this change, then you must make a fundamental change to ERCOT to assure our citizens that electrical power will be available to our community during a time of crisis," said Wolff.

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