Abbott Promises To Protect Energy Sector

Texas Governor Greg Abbott is promising to protect energy sector by almost any means necessary. 

The Republican took a swipe at President Biden during a West Texas roundtable today saying he would not stand idly and let the oil and gas industry be threatened. 

Abbott says Texas will sue if the White House tries to cause problems with the energy sector or workers. The governor is directing state agencies to use all lawful powers and tools to challenge any potential new federal regulations which go too far. Biden announced he is killing the Keystone oil project, and the U.S. would re-enter the Paris climate accord looking to prevent global warming.

"The men and women who work in the energy industry produce the affordable energy that powers our lives and they are vital to the Texas economy,” said Governor Abbott. "Texas is a pro-energy state, and we will not sit idly by and allow the Biden administration or local governments to destroy jobs and raise energy costs for Texas families. My Executive Order will help ensure that the federal government cannot take away the livelihoods of Texans who work so hard to provide our state and our nation with the energy we need."

Photos: Texas Governor's Office

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