San Antonio Zoo Offers Chance To Name Cockroach, Rat After Ex

The San Antonio Zoo is offering people a unique way to get back at their ex this Valentine's Day. For $5, the zoo will name a cockroach after an ex before it's fed to one of the animals. If that's not enough, the zoo is offering the opportunity to name a pre-frozen rat after a past lover. The $25 rat will then be fed to a snake. The zoo is planning to share the animals enjoying the rats and roaches on Valentine's Day through social media.

President & CEO San Antonio Zoo Tim Morrow says the cockroaches, rats, and vegetables are all a part of the animals' natural diets. This year’s proceeds will go towards an improved jaguar habitat and overhead catwalk trail.

"We are very excited to be bringing this incredibly popular fundraiser back this year," said Morrow. "Cry Me a Cockroach gives guests not only the opportunity to forget someone who may have wronged them but also a direct link to the care of our animals. These feeder insects and humanely pre-frozen rodents are already a part of our animals' typical diets. Although small, they really are the unsung heroes of the food chain."

For more information on Cry Me a Cockroach, and to see last year's "honorees," go to the zoo's website:

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