Abbott: Texas Is A Law And Order State

Texas Governor Greg Abbott is promising the state is a law and order state. The governor said during a roundtable this afternoon he wanted to make it harder for cities to reduce police funding including freezing property tax revenue. Abbott also says the state needs to reform its bail system to keep dangerous criminals from getting out. The ideas include a uniform court management system, increasing the judicial requirements before bail is set, and making sure judges look at all the information before setting bail. He believes the potential changes will keep Texans safe.

During the roundtable, the Governor and participants discussed the importance of supporting law enforcement and combatting efforts to defund the police. The leaders and Governor Abbott also discussed bail reform. The Governor noted that he is working with the Legislature this session to reform the bail system in Texas by expanding the criteria that judges must consider when setting bail and increasing the qualifications of judges who can set bail. 

"Here in Texas, we will never turn our back on our law enforcement officers," said Governor Abbott. "Texas will always be a law-and-order state, and we must lead the way for the rest of the nation when it comes to supporting our police. The government's number one responsibility is to keep its citizens safe, and we will not allow cities to recklessly defund the police and put innocent lives in danger. We must also act this session to reform a broken bail system that allows dangerous criminals to go free, and I applaud Senator Whitmire and Representatives Kacal and Murr for their leadership on this important issue. I look forward to working with my partners in the Legislature this session to build a safer future for the Lone Star State." 

Photos Courtesy: Texas Governor's Office

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