Governor Announces Legislative Proposals Aimed At Rioters

Governor Greg Abbott has announced new proposed penalties for people who take part in violent protests in Texas.

During a news conference in Dallas, Abbott said the intention is to target "rioters" who are not "protesting peacefully."

These proposals would make anyone who injures a police officer or destroys property during a riot a felon.

The proposed penalties associated with riot-based crimes are:

  • Causing injury or destroying property during a riot is a felony and will result in jail time
  • Hitting or otherwise striking an officer carries a minimum six-month jail sentence
  • Using lasers to target officers will result in jail time
  • Blocking hospital entrances and exits during a riot will result in jail time
  • Using fireworks during a riot will result in jail time
  • Aiding and abetting a riot, like providing financial or organizational support even if not at the riot itself, will be a felony and carry a potential jail sentence