Port Arthur Carbon Monoxide Poisoning Leaves 3 Dead, 6 Hospitalized

3 people are dead and 6 hospitalized after being overcome by carbon monoxide inside a business in Port Arthur, Texas. Firefighters say a generator was apparently being used inside the building after the business lost power in the aftermath of Hurricane Laura. The victims were reportedly inside the building because they needed a place to stay after the storm.

Since the storm hit, the city of Port Arthur says 22 people have been transported to local hospitals with possible carbon monoxide poisoning due to the use of portable generators. "We are saddened to report three deaths from generators have been reported for the City of Port Arthur as of today," the city said.

Meanwhile, a Louisiana family of five is dead after inhaling fumes from the generator they were running because Hurricane Laura knocked out their power. Lake Charles Fire Chief Shawn Caldwell confirmed the deaths during a news conference today. The generator was inside a garage attached to their home and the fumes entered through a partially opened door. Six others in the state died because of the storm, including another person who died of carbon monoxide poisoning.

Photo: Getty Images

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