3 Things To Know Today

1 RNC, Day One: Trump Is “Official” As GOP Hammers Dems

While promising live live live, there was plenty of that, but also a few taped pieces, including President Trump’s appearance at the Republican National Convention last night – with six hostages rescued during his administration. They were: American Navy veteran Michael White was arrested in July 2018 while visiting his girlfriend in Iran. Sam Goodwin encountered a regime checkpoint and was taken into custody in Syria forfailure to have a visa. Pastor Andrew Brunson, Joshua and Tamara Holt and Pastor Bryan Nerran. Outside of that happy moment and Trump officially snagging the party's nomination, much of the rest of the events featured Republicans hammering Democrats – and in many ways, what anyone would expect. Donald Trump Jr. said Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden is promoting "radical left policies" that will "stop the economic recovery cold." Former U.S.-United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley argued Biden “has a record of weakness and failure” while describing President Trump's record as “one of strength and success.” A former governor of South Carolina, she also harkened to her roots as the child of immigrants.

2 More Violent Protests In Kenosha After Jacob Blake Shooting

Protests are turning violent again in Kenosha, Wisconsin. A Black man was shot several times in front of his three small children on Sunday. The community’s reaction since has been one of rage – even as officials declared a curfew. After a break in the protests, police in riot gear fired rubber bullets, flash bangs and tear gas at a big crowd across from the courthouse last night. Protesters have been clashing with officers and National Guard troops since a second curfew began. They threw objects and fireworks and may have set a dump truck on fire. It's a call for justice for Jacob Blake who remains in serious, but stable condition. Witnesses say he tried to break up a fight between two women Sunday when cops arrived – one is seen on video pulling the 29-year-old by the shirt as he gets into an SUV and shooting. His family says it's a miracle he survived. The officers are on administrative leave, none were said to be wearing body cams.

3 McConnell: Companies Already Producing COVID Vaccine Doses

Fresh on the heels of President Trump’s announcement that the FDA had approved a new coronavirus treatment, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell says companies are already producing coronavirus vaccine doses. Speaking in Kentucky, he said they are prepared for mass distribution if the doses clear medical trials. McConnell added companies big enough to take that chance are relying on the optimism of the trials. He also touched on talks of a new coronavirus stimulus bill, which have stalled in recent weeks. The Republican said both parties have run into some choppy partisan waters as the election approaches. He is pushing for a trillion-dollar package that includes liability protections for medical personnel, teachers, universities, and businesses. Democrats are calling for three-trillion in spending. Meanwhile... Georgia residents are being warned to avoid drinking toxic liquids to treat COVID-19. The Georgia Department of Public Health reported some Georgians have been ingesting diluted chlorine dioxide, which is a bleach-like agent. Chlorine dioxide is used in many disinfectant products. It can have severe effects, including death.

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