Governor Travels To El Paso & Lubbock To Discuss COVID-19

Governor Greg Abbott today traveled to El Paso and Lubbock to hold a briefings with legislators and local leaders on the ongoing COVID-19 response in the region.

While in Lubbock, the Governor and local and state leaders discussed the strategies that have helped control outbreaks in Lubbock, including in nursing homes. The leaders noted that even though testing capacity continues to expand in Lubbock, Texans must avoid “COVID-19 fatigue” and continue to comply with health standards — including wearing a mask, social distancing, and staying home as much as possible. The leaders also discussed the upcoming school year and the Lubbock Independent School District’s strategies to reduce transmission of COVID-19 among students, teachers, and staff in and out of the classroom. 

During the press conference, the Governor commended the Lubbock community for maintaining best health practices and thanked health care workers for their selfless service to their fellow Texans. Governor Abbott emphasized that Texans must not let their guard down as we approach the school year, flu season, and Labor Day weekend, and he encouraged those who have recovered from the virus to donate blood and plasma to help mitigate the spread. The Governor also thanked Texas Tech University for its help to expand testing across the state with its robust production of viral transport media.

"I commend the people of Lubbock for their collective effort to keep their families, friends, and neighbors safe as we respond to COVID-19," said Governor Abbott. "By following the best health and safety practices, Texas will overcome this challenge and slow the spread of this virus." 

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