3 Things To Know Today

1 Biden Makes It Official: Kamala Harris Is His Pick For VP

It’s official – California Senator Kamala Harris is Joe Biden's running mate. Biden made the announcement in an email to supporters and the two will deliver remarks in Wilmington, Delaware later today. The former Vice President describes his former adversary Harris as "smart, tough, and ready to lead." Biden argued that November's election is a "battle for the soul of the nation." But it’s also something for the history books. Harris was the first Indian American and the second African American woman elected to the Senate. She is now the first woman of color on a major party presidential ticket. Harris' parents immigrated from India and Jamaica. Harris says she is honored to join Biden on the Democratic presidential ticket. Taking to Twitter she noted that Biden can "unify the American people because he's spent his life fighting for us." She'll formally accept the nod at next week's Democratic National Convention, which will be a virtual event.

2 Fauci Unimpressed With Russia’s Vaccine News

The Russian Health Ministry has authorized a COVID-19 vaccine for the public's use. And sure, could this newfound ‘discovery’ have something to do with the recent Russian hack alleged by American, British and Canadian intelligence? Maybe. But whether it is or it’s not, the nation's top infectious disease expert doesn't believe Russia's vax is anything to take seriously. Dr. Anthony Fauci took part in a discussion with National Geographic and said it's one thing to have a vaccine, but it's another for it to be "safe and effective." How so? Putin says the vaccine was put through clinical trials and it showed to be successful against the virus. But according to independent reporting, Phase Three of trials were skipped which casts doubt from numerous health specialists as to its efficacy.

3 Kudlow: Dems Need To Get Serious On Stimulus Talks

While there were signs of progress in the glacial-speed talks about economic stimulus for the American people, White House Economic Adviser Larry Kudlow says it’s Democrats that need to get serious if they want to see talks resume. Kudlow tells Fox News a good chunk of what Democrats are proposing has nothing to do with the coronavirus pandemic. "The Democratic numbers are way too high,” he explained. “A third of it has nothing to do with COVID....that needs to be stripped out. That's Democratic left-wing wish list, take that out, chop their number down." Kudlow says the White House wants to see an extension of the Paycheck Protection Program. The Trump Administration is also interested in giving Americans another stimulus check.

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