3 Things To Know Today

1 Trump Says He Is 'Optimistic' About a Coronavirus Vax Happening Around Election

President Trump says he is "optimistic" that a coronavirus vaccine will be distributed by the 2020 election. Speaking with reporters, Trump said there are vaccine trials that are “doing really well.” When asked by a reporter about if it would help his 2020 prospects against Joe Biden, Trump allowed it "wouldn't hurt." Still, he clarified, that he was not doing it for the election, “but for the American people.” Beyond that, Trump once again criticized the Chinese Government's handling of the virus, claiming they did a "terrible thing" to the world. “They could have easily done something,” he offered. “They stopped it from coming into China, but they didn’t stop it from coming into the U.S. and Europe and the rest of the world.

2 White House, Lawmakers Still No Closer To Stimulus Deal

Earlier this week, there may have been hope about both sides of the aisle coming together on a deal for economic relief amid the coronavirus pandemic. But that was then. The Trump administration and Democratic leaders aren't any closer to a deal after meeting for hours yesterday. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi noted "it's most unfortunate" how far apart they are. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin explained if there is no deal today, then President Trump will take executive action. As we told you before, both sides are pointing fingers about the stalemate. Democrats have been pushing for a bigger, more expensive stimulus package while Republicans have proposed legislation with a smaller price tag. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi says Republicans are trying to "nickel and dime" the American people. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell says "Democrats are putting (a deal) in jeopardy" to focus on "unrelated liberal demands."

3 U.S. State Department Lifts Travel Advisory

Americans can travel abroad again. The U.S. State Department lifted its travel advisory warning that Americans should stay home during the pandemic. The highest-level advisory was issued March 19th causing more than 100-thousand U.S. citizens to rush back to their homes from overseas. Now the department will issue advice based on the destination country and their current pandemic status. But don’t get excited about getting out of this country. American travelers are still experiencing travel restrictions aside from the State Department's travel advisories, including being barred from entering Europe or the U.K.

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