Denver Broncos Unveil Disinfecting Mist As Part Of COVID-19 Protocols

The Denver Broncos have installed a misting booth to help protect their players from contracting COVID-19. According to TMZ, the booth uses a nontoxic disinfectant known as "MicroSURE," which kills viruses like E.Coli, Staphylococcus aureus, and the coronavirus.

"The misting booth is an additional safety measure that sprays a safe, medical-grade disinfectant on players and their equipment when entering and exiting the practice field," a Broncos representative told the outlet.

Broncos writer Aric DiLalla said that the spray creates "millions of nano-crystalline structures," which kill "microbes and pathogens instantly."

The Broncos shared a video of the players walking through the mist as they made their way onto the practice field.

"Time for work. 😤 But first, we sanitize."

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