Politician Caught Sniffing Women's Underwear During Online Meeting

When the coronavirus pandemic first had all non-essential employees doing their jobs from their houses, many people ran into issues with working from home, and not just little things like not having any sound on a Zoom meeting. From topless dads walking in during news reports, to bathroom trips during video conferences, to animals interrupting weather forecasts, and one reporter even got caught cheating - plenty has gone down over the last few months. Now, there's another one to add to the list.

It happened in Brazil when the Braganca Paulista Town Council convened for an online meeting to discuss taking down some trees in the area. It was an otherwise uneventful chat, except that one member spent it smelling women's underwear. Ditinho do Asilo can be seen taking out a pair of red panties and bringing them to his nose, clearly unaware that his camera was on.

He has since explained what was going on, saying that he got the underwear as a joke gift and thought he turned off both the camera and microphone before opening it, but accidentally had only disabled the mic. He stated, "It was a misfortune of my lack of practice with this technology. I wore a pink shirt and, as a joke, a friend sent me these knickers. It was an edible item from one of those sex shops. That's why I sniffed it. I have a family. It was just a joke that, because of my naivety, became public."

The politician also said he didn't mean any disrespect to fellow councilperson Fabiana Alessandri, who was speaking as he opened the "gift." He added, "I agree that it wasn’t the moment to do this, but I wasn't speaking, I was following the agenda. When a councillor is at home, they can be doing anything when they join a session and I went to open the package and I was caught."

The council is investigating the incident and will decide if they plan to take any measures.

Photo: YouTube/3w-News

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