3 Things To Know today

1 CDC Says Nearly 24M Americans Could Be Infected With Coronavirus

The C-D-C says nearly 24-million Americans could be infected with the coronavirus. In his view, director Robert Redfield says that for every case reported, the C-D-C’s best estimate is there are probably ten others infected. Redfield said they made that estimate after looking at antibodies in blood samples. Redfield said one of the challenges of slowing the spread is so many cases are in people who show no symptoms. He added that social distancing remains the best way for the nation to fight the spread. As far as where we stand with COVID-19...according to the latest numbers from Johns Hopkins, the United States has confirmed just over two-point-four-million cases across the United States – with just over 124-thousand patients succumbing to the illness.

2 Trump Blames Dems For Violence

President Trump is blaming Democrats for violence across the country. In a town hall on Fox News, the President said violence is happening in cities run by Democrats. He compared the violence to war zones – and specifically? Compared Chicago and Baltimore to Afghanistan and Honduras, and saying, “it’s like living in hell.” As if police departments don’t have enough to contend with, Trump cheering cops using stop-and-frisk tactics, which have been shown to unfairly target minorities. A report by the New York Civil Liberties Union found that of 56% of the stops that resulted in a search, only 1.9% of those searched were found with a weapon. But that’s not all. Trump claimed that chaos would sweep across the nation if Joe Biden wins in November. He also went after John Bolton, who’s scathing memoir came out this week – as well as Democratic leaders. “We have Schumer and Pelosi and people that are bad people that I honestly believe don’t love our country,” Trump said. “What they do to our country and what they’ve done with this scam.”

3 Sweeping Police Reform Bill Passed By House

After a House vote of 236-181 sweeping police reform bill is headed to the Senate after passage by the House...and that’s where it will apparently die – but more on that in a minute. The Democratic measure bans police chokeholds and so-called "no knock" warrants. It also sets up a national database to track police misconduct – something Senate GOPers say should be managed by the States. Along the way, three House Republicans - Pennsylvania's Brian Fitzpatrick, Texas' Will Hurd, and Michigan's Fred Upton voted yes on the measure. In Upton’s case, he admitted the bill likely won't go anywhere in the GOP-led Senate, but it provides "an opportunity to seek common ground." And he’s not wrong about the legislation’s reception in the Senate – it’s considered to be DOA as lawmakers are said to be passing on taking it up. Likely in part because of Dems blocking the Senate version in a procedural vote, but also because President Trump threatened to veto it. Both sides have blamed the other in both cases for locking the other side out of discussions on reform measures.

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