Houston Mayor Turner Urges Protesters To Be Peaceful

Protests erupted in several Texas cities on Friday with protesters voicing outrage over the death of George Floyd, a man in police custody in Minneapolis. Protesters took to the streets in Dallas and Fort Worth as well as in Houston.

Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner is urging protesters to keep things peaceful. The call comes after two police officers were injured during a protest and a police car vandalized.

Black Lives Matter Houston organized the "Justice for George" protest and march and vowed to continue protests to draw attention and call for justice.

Turner said, "we are not going to allow looters and people who are intent on causing turmoil in our City. It is one thing to protest against the wrong/the death of George Floyd. I join you. But some people are intentionally trying to incite confrontation/violence. That hurts all of us."

FOP National Vice President and Houston Police Officers Union FOP Lodge 110 President Joe Grimaldi said, "Our officers who were attacked are in the hospital, patrol cars ruined, businesses damaged, this is not who we are as a City and as a community. We will protect your right protest, but we will not allow our city to decay into chaos."

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