5 More Bexar County Jail Inmates Test Positive For COVID-19

5 more inmates in the Bexar County jail have tested positive for coronavirus. The sheriff's department released the following statement:

"Yesterday evening, Sheriff’s Administration learned that 5 inmates in custody at the Bexar County Jail tested positive for COVID-19. Sheriff’s Administration is currently working to trace the origin as to where each inmate contracted the illness.

Several of the inmates that tested positive recently developed a fever over 100℉ or presented flu-like symptoms, which prompted their relocation to the Infirmary for further medical observation. These inmates were subsequently tested for COVID-19, where 5 inmates tested positive. After review, medical staff learned at least one of the inmates who tested positive is not showing any symptoms, while still positive. COVID-19 positive inmates are housed in single cells in the infirmary.

Additionally, all inmates at the Bexar County Jail have been provided surgical masks and all Bexar County Sheriff’s employees working at the Bexar County Jail are wearing Personal Protective Equipment. Facility disinfectant procedures are in place at the Bexar County Jail. Common areas are chemically disinfected daily, while high traffic areas such as the booking section are being disinfected every shift.

Lastly, University Health Systems staff will be screening all inmates daily at the Bexar County Jail by administering temperature checks and identifying inmates which may present COVID-19 related symptoms. Those who are symptomatic and those who are pending tests are separated from the rest of the jail population. 

To date, a total of 7 inmates have tested positive for COVID-19 and 14 Deputies and 2 civilian employees have also tested positive for COVID-19. Additionally, one Bexar County Facilities maintenance employee and one UHS Nurse assigned to the jail have tested positive for COVID-19."

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