Bexar County Jail Inmate Test Positive For Coronavirus

A Bexar County jail inmate has tested positive for coronavirus.

The sheriff's department says the inmate reported feeling shortness of breath and upon further medical evaluation it was determined that the inmate had a fever over 100°. Officials say due to the inmate displaying symptoms consistent with COVID-19, the inmate was tested and placed in a negative pressure cell, pending lab results. The inmate that tested positive has been in the Sheriff’s Office custody since March 11 for a misdemeanor family violence charge.

The sheriff's department issued the following statement:

"At this time it is undetermined how the inmate contracted the illness, however, as a result of the inmate testing positive for COVID-19, two living units at the Adult Detention Center have been placed on lockdown while inmates undergo medical observation. Currently, the inmates housed in these units are not displaying any COVID-19 related symptoms; however, we are requesting COVID-19 tests for all inmates housed in these units. To further prevent the spread of COVID-19, the entire inmate population of around 3,000 inmates at the Bexar County Jail will be wearing surgical masks at all times and time restrictions inmates have in the dayroom will be put into place in an effort to maintain healthy distancing practices.

Additionally, all areas the inmate had contact with have been fully sanitized and disinfected, which includes the living units the inmate had access to. The inmates housed in the affected living units have been provided surgical masks and will routinely have their temperature checked by facility medical personnel.

Furthermore, the Deputies who worked in the living units where the inmate was housed are believed to be at low-risk of contracting COVID-19 due to the limited interaction the deputies had with this inmate. Although, the deputies who worked the living units where this inmate was housed have not reported any COVID-like symptoms, in an abundance of caution the deputies will be placed on leave while they self-monitor for symptoms."

Additionally, a Bexar County Sheriff’s Office Public Safety Communications Dispatcher, who had been placed on leave since March 31 tested positive for COVID-19. Each COVID-19 case is separate.

The Public Safety Communications Dispatcher who tested positive has been at home self-monitoring since March 31 after a family member was reportedly feeling sick, prior to testing positive for COVID-19. It is believed that the dispatcher who contracted the case was as a result of close-contact transmission. Due to the dispatcher not working since that day, health officials have informed us that employees who worked with this dispatcher are at low-risk of contracting COVID-19.

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