Bernie Sanders Making Major Push in Texas

Bernie Sanders thinks Texas is Bernie Country.

After both Texans in the Presidential race have withdrawn, and no candidate is surging in the state's polls for the Democrat, the Vermont Socialist is making a major move, buying $2.5 million in TV ads in the state and in California.

The two ads the Sanders campaign will run includes one called 'Fight for Us,' which focuses on Sanders' determination for 'causes that improve the lives of all Americans,' and another called 'for all,' which focuses on Sanders' commitment to fight for working people from inside the White House.

The Sanders campaign has also announced a major expansion of its staff in Texas.

“Across the country, millions of Americans have chipped in $10, $18, $27, to our campaign because they trust that Bernie will always fight for them,” said Bernie 2020 Campaign Manager Faiz Shakir. “It is thanks to our grassroots donors that we can make big investments in the vital states of California and Texas. We have the strength and the enthusiasm to fund a campaign to not only win the Democratic nomination but to defeat Donald Trump and create a political revolution that transforms this country.”

Southern Methodist University Political Analyst Cal Jillson says the move makes sense, showing Sanders is a legitimate candidate in Texas, which has the second largest haul of delegates up for grabs in the March primary.

"$2.5 million sounds like a lot of money, both both Texas and California have huge media markets," Jillson said.

Sanders says he plans on several organizing efforts and appearances, focusing on Texas college campuses.

Jillson says this buy doesn't necessarily mean Sanders has a fighting chance to win Texas.

"If they don't participate in Texas, then a lot of the down ballot races would be compromised for Democrats,," he said, citing that Sanders has been running strong among Texas Democrats, and in many polls he is number two behind Joe Biden in the state.

"It does suggest that all of the Democratic campaigns out of the early states, and will begin to look at Super Tuesday,' when Texas is the biggest prize, Jillson said.

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