Study: S.A. Has One of the Worst Commutes in the Country

Is you're stuck in traffic this morning, you have a lot of neighbors who feel your pain, according to a new study by the web site, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

San Antonio has the 12th worst daily commute in the country, tied with the infamously congested Los Angeles.

Smart Asset based its findings on several factors including the average length of a daily commute, now much the commute has increased over the past five years, and the number of motorists who have 'sever commutes,' or commute longer than one hour.

The study shows San Antonio tied with Los Angeles for twelfth worst commute, and right behind Houston, which ranks as the 11th worst.

The average commute in San Antonio is 24.6 minutes.

The worst commute in the U.S. is, interestingly, in North Las Vegas, which SmartAsset says is the 'American City where commuting takes the greatest toll on workers.'

Number two is Hialeah Florida, in suburban Miami, followed by Philadelphia and New Orleans.

The Midwest offers better commutes. The 25 cities with the worst commutes are all in Northeastern, Southern and Western states. In fact, the first Midwestern city in the study - Chicago, Illinois - doesn’t appear until No. 34.

The shortest commute of the cities studied is in Lubbock, where the average motorists commutes 15 minutes each day. SmartAsset says this not only leaves the commuter with much more leisure time, but it saves the commuter money on gas and car wear and tear.


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