Study: Autonomous Vehicles Could be the Solution to Congestion

The first scientific survey of Texans on whether we want self driving cars shows Texans can't wait to own one---but not until after they have been given plenty of opportunity to learn how they work, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports

The study was done by the Texas Transportation Institute.

Researcher Dr. Johanna Zmud says the key is...once people tried self driving vehicles, they loved them.

"Pilots are important of we want to make people feel more comfortable about the technology," she said.

And after participating in a pilot program, more than 70 percent of Texans said 'sign me up.'

Dr. Zmud says self driving technology is on the rise, and the Commission is discussing the future of the technology this week at its Washington DC conference.

She says acceptance of self driving cars really depends on who you talk to. She says people in the United States are less eager than people in other countries to try the technology, and urban dwellers, rather than those in the country, are also more open.

"People who have participated in one of these pilots are much more positive than people who have not."

He says participation in the pilot is key.

"Among people who have participated in the project, only 30 percent would be unwilling to drive an autonomous vehicle."

She says this, rather than building more highway lanes, could be the solution to highway congestion

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