911 Supervisor Was Watching Netflix When Dispatchers Mishandled Call

A Florida woman called 911 after a bullet went through her windshield and narrowly missed her head, but the dispatchers mishandled her call and took 34 minutes to send officers to the scene. After calling 911 three separate times, Guadalupe Herrera had enough and decided to drive herself to the police station.

"It was a very hard situation," Herrera told the South Florida Sun-Sentinel. "It was a drive-by shooting. My windshield was shattered. Nobody showed up — I had to drive myself to the agency."

The mishandled call, which happened in June, sparked an investigation into why it took 34 minutes before dispatchers sent officers to the scene. Investigators learned that Herrera's emergency call was logged as a "suspicious incident" instead of a shooting. They also found that Julie Vidaud, the shift supervisor, was in her office watching Netflix during the emergency call.

Vidaud admitted that she usually has Netflix on in the background while she works, but claimed she doesn't actively watch movies while on the job. The Coral Springs Police Department said that following their investigation, Vidaud was disciplined for "failure to supervise," while the two operators who mishandled the call are no longer with the department.

Police arrested a suspect in the shooting and he is currently awaiting trial on charges of attempted murder.

Photo: Getty Images

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