President Declares Emergency In Florida Ahead Of Hurricane Dorian


President Trump is declaring a state of emergency in Florida leading up to Hurricane Dorian. People across the Sunshine State are bracing for storm surge and devastating winds as the storm heads that way. It could strike Florida as a Category 4 hurricane. Governor Ron DeSantis requested the pre-landfall designation to make it easier for the federal government to shift resources to the state. DeSantis is asking the feds for help placing generators and water pumps in place before the storm hits. 

As Hurricane Dorian inches closer, Florida is being slammed with reports of price gouging. Nearly 600 calls this morning and that number is likely higher now. About half the complaints came through a hotline, the other half through the new app Florida No Scam. Most are about gas and water. The Attorney General says some gas stations increased prices overnight and aren't cooperating with investigators. It's against the law to raise prices above average when there is a state of emergency.

Photo: Getty Images

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