Tracking Hurricane Dorian

Hurricane Dorian is forecast to slam into Florida as a possible Category 4 hurricane Monday morning. Maximum sustained winds could be over 130 miles-per-hour and a state of emergency has been declared. Governor Ron DeSantis urged residents to have a plan in place once the hurricane comes ashore. He said residents should have at least seven days worth of food, water and medicine on hand. It is still uncertain where Dorian will make landfall. 

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is claiming Hurricane Dorian has slowed. That gives residents more time to prepare, but he said it also has negatives in that it allows the storm to strengthen. Dorian is expected to reach the U.S. coast late Sunday or early Monday. The storm could be a category four storm when it does. However, no one knows where the storm is headed. The cone that represents the possible tracks stretches from the Florida keys to Georgia. DeSantis is warning all residents who live in the eastern coastal areas to get ready and monitor news reports.

Miami-Dade County Mayor Carlos Gimenez is reassuring residents they are preparing for Hurricane Dorian's arrival.  Gimenez said the county has learned the lessons of previous hurricanes and makes changes accordingly. The mayor urged residents to prepare now, including testing generators and getting three-days worth of food and water. He said if the stores are out of bottled water to use tap water, which he said is safe. He also urged residents to find out if they live in an evacuation zone, and if they do, have a plan to flee if called upon to do so.

Georgia Governor Brian Kemp says residents along its coastline should be prepared for Hurricane Dorian as well, as high winds and heavy rainfall to be expected.

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