Call Grows for Special Legislative Session on Gun Violence

Some 22 Texas lawmakers have now signed onto a letter urging Gov. Abbott to call a special session to focus on gun violence.

One of the 22 is San Antonio State Rep. Roland Gutierrez, who is calling on Republicans and Second Amendment supporters to join the call.

"What we are asking for are common sense solutions," he said. "We are not asking for the moon, and we are not asking to take anybody's guns away."

Gutierrez says 'Red Flag' laws, gun buybacks, and efforts to increase the use of trigger locks would be among the key items discussed at a special session.

He points out that Gov. Abbott himself floated the idea of 'Red Flag Laws,' which are currently in place in 17 states, after the Santa Fe High School shooting, but he backed off afrer pressure from the Texas State Rifle Association, and the issue was not discussed in the 2019 session, which responded to the shooting mainly with school safety measures.

But Gutierrez pointed out that he mother of the El Paso gunman called police to express her concern about her 21 year old son buying an 'assault style' rifle, and says a 'Red Flag Law' may have been useful in that case.

"This situation might have been avoided if we had a bill to pass 'extreme risk protective orders'."

Gutierrez says there is no doubt that this is the time when gun violence needs to be discussed, and solid solutions approved.

"In the last five years, we have lost more American lives to gun violence across this country than in the entirety of the War in Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, and all of the conflicts in the Middle East."

Gutierrez' call comes after San Antonio City Council approved a resolution calling for a special session, and also pledging to examine local solutions to gun violence.

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