Spurs Announce 2019-2020 Schedule

San Antonio Spurs

The Spurs have released their 2019-2020 schedule today. The Spurs will tip-off the regular season with a home game on Wednesday night, October 19th against the New York Knicks. They'll follow that up with two more home games against the Wizards and Trail Blazers, before going on the road, with their first roadgame against the L-A Clippers. Every Spurs game can be heard live throughout the season, on News Radio 1200 WOAI.

Oct. 23 vs. New York

Oct. 26 vs. Washington

Oct. 28 vs. Portland

Oct. 31 at L.A. Clippers

Nov. 1 at Golden State

Nov. 3 vs. L.A. Lakers

Nov. 5 at Atlanta

Nov. 7 vs. Oklahoma City

Nov. 9 vs. Boston

Nov. 11 vs. Memphis

Nov. 13 at Minnesota

Nov. 15 at Orlando

Nov. 16 vs. Portland

Nov. 18 at Dallas

Nov. 20 at Washington

Nov. 22 at Philadelphia

Nov. 23 at New York

Nov. 25 vs. L.A. Lakers

Nov. 27 vs. Minnesota

Nov. 29 vs. L.A. Clippers

Dec. 1 at Detroit

Dec. 3 vs. Houston

Dec. 6 vs. Sacramento

Dec. 12 vs. Cleveland

Dec. 14 in Mexico City vs. Phoenix

Dec. 16 at Houston

Dec. 19 vs. Brooklyn

Dec. 21 vs. L.A. Clippers

Dec. 23 at Memphis

Dec. 26 at Dallas

Dec. 28 vs. Detroit

Dec.31 vs. Golden State

Jan. 2 vs. Oklahoma City

Jan. 4 at Milwaukee

Jan. 6 vs. Milwaukee

Jan. 8 at Boston

Jan. 10 at Memphis

Jan. 12 at Toronto

Jan. 15 at Miami

Jan. 17 vs. Atlanta

Jan.19 vs. Miami

Jan. 20 at Phoenix

Jan. 22 at New Orleans

Jan. 24 vs. Phoenix

Jan. 26 vs. Toronto

Jan. 27 at Chicago

Jan. 29 vs. Utah

Feb. 1 vs. Charlotte

Feb. 3 at L.A. Clippers

Feb. 4 at L.A. Lakers

Feb. 6 at Portland

Feb. 8 at Sacramento

Feb. 10 at Denver

Feb. 11 at Oklahoma City

Feb. 21 at Utah

Feb. 23 at Oklahoma City

Feb. 26 vs. Dallas

Feb. 29 vs. Orlando

Mar. 2 vs. Indiana

Mar. 3 at Charlotte

Mar. 6 at Brooklyn

Mar. 8 at Cleveland

Mar. 10 vs. Dallas

Mar. 13 vs. Denver

Mar. 14 vs. Minnesota

Mar. 16 vs. Memphis

Mar. 18 at New Orleans

Mar. 20 vs. Chicago

Mar. 22 vs. Utah

Mar. 24 at Utah

Mar. 26 at Minnesota

Mar. 27 at Denver

Mar. 29 at Golden State

Mar. 31 at Sacramento

Apr. 3 vs. Golden State

Apr. 5 vs. New Orleans

Apr. 7 vs. Sacramento

Apr. 8 at Houston

Apr. 10 vs. Philadelphia

Apr. 12 vs. Houston

Apr. 13 at Indiana

Apr. 15 vs. New Orleans

Photo: Getty Images

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