El Paso Police: Still in process of notifying some victims' families


Police in El Paso say they've removed all the bodies from the Walmart that was the scene of a deadly mass shooting. Police spokesman Sergeant Robert Gomez said they are still working to notify the victims' families before they publicly release the names of at least 20 people who were killed. Over two-dozen others were hurt in the shooting yesterday. Gomez said the crime scene they're still investigating has been reduced to the Walmart and the parking lot. He also reiterated that the shooting was confined to the Walmart and didn't impact the neighboring mall. The FBI is also sending more resources to help with the investigation. The suspect in the shootings has now been charged with capital murder and is being held without bond. 

Photo: A woman places flowers beside a makeshift memorial outside the Cielo Vista Mall Wal-Mart. (Getty Images)

Roman Catholics call for prayers following El Paso Shooting  - Thumbnail Image

Roman Catholics call for prayers following El Paso Shooting

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