Gold-Williams Out at Chamber of Commerce Over Sick Leave Lawsuit

The battle over mandatory sick leave has cost the San Antonio Chamber of Commerce its 2019 CEO, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

CPS Energy CEO Paula Gold-Williams was in the middle of a productive year as Chair of the city's largest business organization. But she also heads a utility which is owned by the City of San Antonio.

The City's ordinance mandating that private employers pay sick leave benefits, which was sent to take effect in August, has been challenged in court by several business groups. Even though the Chamber is not one of them, the Chamber has expressed its support of the lawsuit and several Chamber members are among the plaintiffs.

Chamber CEO Richard Perez says that put Gold-Williams in a difficult position, and led to her resignation as Chamber Chair.

"Paula is a model Executive and a CEO with the utmost of integrity, and we therefore understand her predicament in this situation. Her announcement is not a rushed decision on her part, but rather a very difficult decision that she has made in direct consultation with me," Perez said.

Perez said Gold-Williams 'recognized the challenge she faced being in the middle of a conflict between her parent organization and the business community."

Prez praised Gold-Williams' leadership of the Chamber. He didn't say whether a successor will be selected.

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