Driver Leads Deputies on Wild Chase Though Leon Valley and NW San Antonio

Once again, a guy thought he could outrun the cops, and once again, he was wrong.

News Radio 1200 WOAI reports a deputy tried to pull over a car for a routine traffic violation early today on White Fawn St, which is outside Loop 1604 off Babcock in the Hills & Dales neighborhood.

But he decided to make a run for it, blowing past a stop sign and barely missing some pedestrians.

He then ended up driving at speeds of up to 80 mph down Bandera Rd. in Leon Valley, and at one point driving the wrong way down Gilbeau Rd.

The chase finally ended at 151 and Pinn Road, and that's when deputies realized why the guy made a run for it. He had at least one felony warrant out for his arrest, and his car was filled with items deputies say appear to have been stolen.

He is now facing additional charges.

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