New City Council Sworn in, Will Duck Market Square Controversy

It didn't take the new San Antonio City Council, which was just sworn in last night, to dodge its first major controversey, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

Council has decided to postpone a discussion on a controversial new four year contract that was set to be extended to merchants at Market Square, an agreement that many retailers say would put them out of business.

'Offering these tenants only four years during which time major construction will be occurring around the Market is unfair and may be setting them up for failure. If these businesses are going to endure the negative effects of the approaching three-year construction period, they should be able to enjoy some of the economic benefits upon completion of these improvements with a long-term contract," Farmers Market Tenants Association President Yvette Ramirez said.

City Council has agreed to postpone discussion of the agreement until after the regular July Council recess.

The three new members of City Council were sworn in at a ceremony at City Council chambers last night. Also taking the oaths of office and beginning new terms were Mayor Nirenberg and the seven Council members who were re-elected in this spring's municipal elections.

Today will be the first regularly scheduled meeting of the new Council.

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