An Unusual Recognition for San Antonio's New Majority Female City Council

Six women took their seats at today's San Antonio City Council meeting, making the San Antonio City Council majority female for only the second time ever, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

All three newcomers to City Council, Jada Andrews-Sullivan in District Two, a businesswoman, Adriana Rocha Garcia, a professor of marketing at Our Lady of the Lake University in District Four, and attorney Melissa Cabello Havrda in District 6.

The Women's Global Connection at the University of the Incarnate Word was among those honoring the new majority female city council.

Sister Martha Ann Kirk pointed out that this is an auspicious time for women to be in the majority.

"We all remember that this June is the 100th anniversary of the national lawmakers being in favor of women's sufferage," she said.

Sister Martha Ann pointed out that one of the true leaders behind the drive for women's right to vote was Eleanor Breckenridge, the sister of George Breckenridge of Breckenridge Park fame.

"Eleanor Breckenridge researched laws for women, and she is called the mother of women's sufferate in Texas," she said. She told council how Breckenridge would drive around Texas and San Antonio in her Model T Ford emblazoned with posters reading'VOTES FOR WOMEN.'

And the Connection made an interesting donation in honor of the women's majority on City Council. Sister Marth Ann says the group will donate 12 hens to families in the African nation of Tanzania, two each in honor of each of the six women on Council.

Councilman Clayton Perry also marked the new City Council by recognizing San Antonio city employees who are military veterans, in honor of last week's Texas Women Veterans Day.

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