You Can Now Pay for Downtown Parking--With an App

No more fumbling for quarters when you park downtown, because now you can pay for downtown parking on your phone, News Radio 1200 WOAI reports.

If you go downtown a lot, download ‘SAPark’ from the App Store.

The app can be used to pay for more than 2500 on street spaces, mainly those which are now covered with 'pay to park' kiosks.

It ends the hassle not only of feeding parking meters, but buying a ticket at a ‘Pay to Park’ station that you have to display on your dashboard--and then when you drive off you have a piece of litter in your car that you have to deal with.

“Parking is often the first experience people have when they come downtown, and we recognize our role in ensuring it is a positive experience,” said John Jacks, Center City Development & Operations Director. “SAPark will provide residents and visitors an easy and innovative way to pay for downtown parking. Instead of parking, walking to a pay station and then back to the car to display a ticket, drivers can easily start a parking session on their phones and get to their destinations quicker.”

Jacks says using their smart phones, visitors can also extend their parking session automatically if it turns out they will be away from their car for longer than anticipated.

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